Catshelf Records, New Independent Music Label

What started out as a collective of friends from bands you’ve probably never heard of is now Catshelf Records, an independent artist-run label based in Manila, Philippines. At Catshelf, we aim to promote artists that embody the label’s ethos – an intense preference for creating music that goes against the grain and championing the indie spirit.

The label’s initial roster includes artists both established and new. Megumi Acorda, with their brand of dreamy fuzz-driven music and lyrics that are borderline confessional, is a favorite among the indie and shoegaze communities in the country. The Axel Pinpin Propaganda Machine is established within protest circles, with their music reflecting socio-political realities in the country. Cinèma Lumiére and Public Places are quickly establishing themselves as purveyors of indie pop music with influences ranging from classic Sarah Records to more modern releases from labels such as Sub Pop and Domino.

For its first move, Catshelf Records is releasing the debut EPs of Cinèma Lumiére and Public Places on November 14 accompanied with a livestreaming show. Cinèma Lumiére’s EP (titled “Will You Catch Me?”) will also be simultaneously released via Subjangle Records (South Africa), Shiny Happy Records (Indonesia), and Boring Productions (China).

Singles from both bands will be released ahead of the launching event, with Cinèma Lumiére’s “Dreamcatcher” scheduled for release on October 9, and Public Places’ “Free” scheduled to be released on October 23.

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