Purr Purr Purr: Cinéma Lumière x Public Places Joint EP Launch

Catshelf Records proudly presents Purr Purr Purr: Cinéma Lumière x Public Places Joint EP Launch.

“Will you Catch Me?,” is a 4-track EP from indie pop stalwarts Cinéma Lumière. The EP is a collection of happy-sad songs about tragedy and heartbreak, masked in the band’s signature brand of C86/Sarah Records-tinged music.

Public Places’ self-titled debut EP introduces audiences to their own brand of “modest indie rock imbued with a blunt lo-fi seaside hook” inspired by their roots in the surf community of Baler, Aurora.

In between sets, we’re also previewing an upcoming single from a new artist under our label. Spacedog Spacecat is an indie alternative band composed of Jam Lorenzo (The Geeks) and RJ Mabilin (The Axel Pinpin Propaganda Machine).

The online show will feature hour-long sets each from Cinema Lumiere and Public Places which will be streamed through our partners at Alternatrip on November 14, 2020.

Click on the button below to purchase your tickets (and related merch!) and RSVP to our facebook event page!

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