Megumi Acorda

Megumi Acorda (the person) had been performing and writing music with several bands, while writing and recording her own music on the side. A number of releases and demos were released sporadically online over a few years, eventually leading to an enamored online audience. Naturally, Acorda decided to pursue the longstanding sonic curiosity of performing live.

Megumi Acorda (the band) now stands as a five-piece act, playing music that may possibly be described as dream pop, or whatever sound captures the synchrony of the melodic, fuzzed out, and the personal.

The band released the EP “Unexpectedly” in 2018 to critical acclaim.

Band Members:
Megumi Acorda – Vocals, Guitar
Evee Simon – Guitar, Vocals
Kevin Incgco – Guitar
Bijan Gorospe – Bass
Jerros Dolino – Drums