spacedog spacecat

What started out as an excuse for Jam Lorenzo (The Geeks, Mirror Masks)) and RJ Mabilin (The Axel Pinpin Propaganda Machine) to play music with an ever revolving cast of friends is now spacedog spacecat. Featuring fellow Manila scene veterans Jerros Dolino (Megumi Acorda, Read Between the Lions, Child/ren of the Pilgrimage, Blidit, etc.), Marc Inting (Slow Hello, Twin Lobster), Evee Simon (July XIV, Megumi Acorda), and Janine Samaniego (Covert, Tuwina), SDSC plays indie rock inspired by slackerdom and a constant longing for the beach.

Jam Lorenzo – Vocals, Guitar
RJ Mabilin – Vocals, Guitar
Evee Simon – Vocals, Synths, Guitars
Janine Samaniego – Violin, Vocals
Marc Inting – Bass
Jerros Dolino – Drums