The Axel Pinpin Propaganda Machine

Protest band The Axel Pinpin Propaganda Machine was formed in 2010 in response to the growing political and social turmoil in the Philippines. Their sound is a unique expression of the realities faced by the oppressed Filipino people: a mix of spoken word poetry and aggressive fuzz-driven guitar riffs played over odd time signatures.

What started out as a collaboration between two activists – RJ Mabilin of the defunct punk band Republika de Lata and Axel Pinpin, poet and ex-political detainee wrongly imprisoned under the Arroyo regime – eventually became a fixture in picket lines and political rallies. In 2011, the band was officially named the Axel Pinpin Propaganda Machine.

Since its inception, TAPPM has continually self-released music in response to the socio-political climate of the time. The band’s latest release, 2020’s “Ano ang Aming Kasalanan?” is a direct response to the government’s failure to address the COVID-19 pandemic.

Band Members:
Axel Pinpin – Spoken Word
RJ Mabilin – Guitar
Megumi Acorda – Guitar, Keyboard/Synth
Migs Gamara – Bass
Jerros Dolino – Drums
Nigel Cristobal – Audio + Video